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Ordinary stevioside powder 90%,95%

  • Ordinary stevioside powder 90%,95%
  • Ordinary stevioside powder 90%,95%
  • Ordinary stevioside powder 90%,95%
Model No.︰PE-007
Brand Name︰QDHJ
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰-
Minimum Order︰1 kg
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Product Description


Stevia powder.jpg


    Our stevia healthy sugar and stevia tablets adopt the Reb-A 98% as the main ingredient. It not only

maintains stevia’s advantage of high sweetness and Zero calorie, but also effectively improves stevia’s after

bitterness. It is the Healthy table-top Sweetener which has Zero calorie, Zero fat, Zero sugar, and Zero protein.

Meanwhile, it’s convenient to carry and use.

  This type of product is a newly developed ready-to-use food which is directly edible, and has a fresh and

pleasant taste, without the sweet greasy taste and high calories of cane sugar, so it can be eaten as the

substitute of cane sugar. Since the newly developed product is compounded with stevia and some food

accessories such as Malt dextrin and starch, it inherits all the advantages of stevia and natural characteristic,

so it’s quite suitable for patients of diabetes, hypertension, dental caries and arteriosclerosis to use. It has

an auxiliary therapeutic function as well as preventative function. 


Features of stevia.jpg

Specification of stevia.



Benefits of Stevia extract:


1. Stevia  GREEN  Stevia is a natural sweetener extracted from Stevia leaves .

2. Stevia  SAFE  Stevioside does not participate in human’s metabolism. It does not accumulate within the

body, it is non-toxic and its safety has been recognized by both the FAO and WHO.

3. Stevia  HIGH SWEETNESS  Stevia’s sweetness is 200-300 times that of cane sugar. Stevioside and

Rebaudioside–A are the main components of Stevia. The sweetness is pure, cool and lasting and its natural

sweetness resembles that of cane sugar.


4. Stevia  LOW CALORIE  Total caloric value from stevia is only 1/300 of that of cane sugar. It can be used

in the making of low-calorie food and drinks. Stevia is especially suitable for patients with diabetics, obesity,

high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, dental cavities and so on.

5. Stevia  HEALTHY  Stevia is recognized as a nutritional food and health supplement by people in global

medical fields.
Stevia is helpful in regulating blood sugar level, blood pressure, raising energy level and improving brain

activity. It is also helpful in reducing body fat and for weight control. In addition, it has good effects on skin

care and in treating other skin related diseases.

6. Stevia  EFFICIENCY  Stevia is stable in its form and does not react to acid, alkali, heat and light. As a

sweetener in beverage and food, it can slow the growth of bacteria thus prolong the freshness quality

guaranteed period.


Use of Stevia extract: 


This product is quite stable under usual food processing conditions. Its water dispersion is increased with

enzyme technology, as a result, its solubility is higher, making it quite suitable for various beverages and

wines. It's mainly used in low calorie food, sodas, juices,cold drinks, desserts, pickles and aquatic products.


Uasge of stevia.jpg


Stevia Usage in Different Products.png


Certificates of Stevia extract:


Certificates of Stevia.jpg




What is stevioside?

Stevioside is extracted from the herb of Stevia Leaves .It is a purely natural , highly sweetness, and low calorie

food additive ( sweetener ).

What is stevia rebaudiana?
Stevia rebaudiana is also called stevia or sweet grass , which is perennial herb plants . It’s the place of origin

is the mountains of Oman , which the north-eastern of Paraguay is bounded on Brazil.


What is the difference between stevioside and steviol?
Steviosides are the muli-component mixture of sweet. Generally speaking, there are 8 steviols. It includes

stevioside, glucoside A, glucoside B, glucoside C, glucoside D,glucoside E, Duke glycosides, Rebaudioside

and so on.
By and large, steviols is the matrix or aglycones of 8 kinds of the above components of steviosides. Stevioside

is steviol with three base of glucose derivatives. It is generally acknowledged that stevia is a single component

of the above eight kinds of stevioside. For historical reasons, glycoside component of stevia rebaudiana are

at most in the above eight steviosides .So stevioside is called stevia by people, and this statement is less used.


Which countries and regions approve of using steviosides?




Factory production pictures:


stevia factory


stevia factory



Packaging of Stevia extract:


External packaging: Corrugated carton or drum
Inner packaging: Double-layer polyethylene plastic bag(food grade)
Size:1. carton: 57cm*40cm*39cm
        2.drum(square): 36cm*36cm*59cm
        3.drum(circular): H:59cm D:41.5cm
Volume: 1.carton: 0.089M/carton
          2.drum(square): 0.076m3/drum
          3.drum(circular): 0.082m3/drum
Gross weight: 23kg/carton or drum, 28kg/carton or drum
Net weight: 20kg/carton or drum, 25kg/ carton or drum

Note: We can package the product according to clients’ requirements.


stevia ctn


carton packing stevia.jpg



specifications︰Stevioside content 90%,95%min
Rebaudioside-A: 25% min:
Appearance: White powder
Sweetness: 300 times
MOQ: 1kg
CAS No. 57817-89-7
Export Markets︰worldwide
Payment Details︰T/T,WU
Min Order︰1kg
Ship Date︰within 5 days after payment received
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