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Dried rosehip cut

  • Dried rosehip cut
  • Dried rosehip cut
  • Dried rosehip cut
  • Dried rosehip cut
  • Dried rosehip cut
Model No.︰RH-010
Brand Name︰JINGYI
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰US $ 3 / kg
Minimum Order︰1000 kg
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Product Description

1. Brief of Rosehips.

(1) Botanical Name: Rosa canina

(2) Plant Family: Rosaceae

(3) Common Names: Dogrose, Haggebutt, Wild Rose

(4) History: The word 'hips' comes from the Anglo-Saxon word hiope and 'Dog Rose' comes from dag meaning 'dagger'. Our rosehip is specially for Rosa acicularis Lindl, from Northeastern area of China

2.  Plant Constituents of Rosehip

Contains: calcium, citrates, citric acid, iron, malates, malic acid, niacin, organic acids, pectin, phosphorus, resin, salts, sugar, tannin, Vitamin A, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, Vitamin P , wax

3. Action:

(1)     aperient [a mild stimulant producing a natural movement of the bowels; a gentle purgative]

(2)     astringent [a binding agent that contracts organic tissue, reducing secretions or discharges of mucous and fluid from the body]

(3)     diuretic [an agent that increases the volume and flow of urine which cleanses the urinary system]

(4)     laxative (mild) [an agent promoting evacuation of the bowels; a mild purgative]

(5)     pectoral [remedy for pulmonary or other lung and chest diseases]

(6)     nutrient [gives nourishment]

(7)     refrigerant [an agent that lowers abnormal body heat, relieves thirst and gives a feeling of coolness]

(8)     tonic [an agent that tones, strengthens and invigorates organs or the entire organism giving a feeling of well-being]

4. Usage of Rosehip :

(1) Blood Conditions: blood purifier; conditions where blood is being brought up via the lungs; internal hemorrhaging; spitting of blood

(2) Female Conditions: disorders of the breast; excessive menstruation; uterine cramps

(3) Gastrointestinal Conditions: diarrhea; dysentery; strengthens the stomach

(4) Respiratory Conditions: chest infections; colds; coughs; influenza

(5) Urinary Tract Conditions: cleans out the Kidneys and Bladder; eliminates uric acid accumulations, helping with gout and rheumatic complaints; fluid retention

(6) Other: allays thirst; builds strength when convalescing; deficiency of Vitamin C in children; general debility and exhaustion

(7) Externally: nourishes the skin

5.  Products

Global Herbal Supplies has Rosehips available in the following forms

(1)     Rosehips Extract

(2)     Dried Rosehips

(3)     Rosehip Essential Oil

specifications︰Our rosehip are taken from Greater Khingan Mountains, Lesser Khingan Mountains, and Changbai Mountain of northeastern area of China. This guarantees that our products are 100% natural wild and pesticides-free. Our rosehip is especially for Rosa acicularis Lindl。

Dried rosehip cut= rosehip teabag cut
Seeds: 5% max
Particle size: 18-60 mesh
Export Markets︰Worldwide
Pricing︰As per quantity
Payment Details︰T/T payment
Min Order︰1000kgs
Ship Date︰Within 10-15 days after prepayment
Standard Met︰Export standard
Product Image

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